PFOS/PFAS Water Contamination Lawsuit Lawyer

Our law firm is currently handling claims on behalf of public and private water companies for remediation costs with respect to water contaminated with PFOS and PFAS.

These lawsuits allege that manufactures negligently discharge PFAS/PFOS into water sources, thereby polluting the environment, causing economic loss, and creating a risk of serious illness to individuals who use the water source.

What Do We Know about PFOS/PFAS Water Contamination Lawsuits?

PFAS and PFOS are contaminants that have been detected in public and private water sources across the country. The pollutants are known carcinogens that are used in the process of manufacturing a variety of goods including Teflon, fast food wrappers, waterproof clothing, cosmetics, firefighting foam, carpets, furniture, textiles, and leather. Drinking water becomes contaminated when the water source is in close proximity to facilities that manufacture goods with PFAS and PFOS. Because PFOS and PFAS do not naturally break down, they can enter other sources including soil and air and remain active for prolonged periods of time.

Public and private water companies have sought compensation to recover the costs of cleanup and sanitization of the affected water sources. The prevalence of PFAS pollution has resulted in the introduction of legislation to regulate PFAS at the federal level.

PFOS/PFAS Water Contamination + Injuries

Exposure to PFOS and PFAS through drinking water and environmental contact that exceeds certain levels is known to have adverse health consequences including developmental delays, testicular, pancreatic, or kidney cancer, and tissue damage.

How Our Law Firm Can Help You

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PFOS/PFAS Water Contamination in the News

Several recent PFOS/PFAS water utility lawsuits have claimed significant remediation costs in light of the extensive scope of the impact of the contamination.

  • The first lawsuit was brought by Minnesota against 3M for negligently dumping PFAS into drinking water sources. The lawsuit settled for $850 million, which the state used to remediate its water supply.
  • In February 2021, the Pennsylvania-American Water Co. (PAWC) sued PFAS manufacturers for knowingly or negligently polluting the water in Pennsylvania. PAWC, which operates 67 public water systems, is seeking hundreds of millions in damages.
  • In 2020, eleven water district in Orange County, California brought lawsuits for remediation costs estimated to be over $1 billion.