PFOS/PFAS Water Contamination Lawsuit Lawyer #2

Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), also known as “forever chemicals,” are very persistent within our environment. Individuals have already filed lawsuits nationwide against manufacturers of aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) due to the presence of forever chemicals. Workers like firefighters and service members are most susceptible to the effects of PFAS in AFFF. However, PFAS extend far beyond AFFF and can harm the general public. Not only are these hazardous chemicals found in several consumer products, but even animals and our water sources contain PFAS. Lawsuits allege that manufacturers negligently discharge PFAS/PFOS into water sources, thereby polluting the environment. This catastrophic pollution causes economic loss and creates a risk of serious illness for individuals who use the water source. Reach out today to learn more about how a PFOS/PFAS water contamination lawsuit lawyer can help you.

Our law firm is currently handling claims on behalf of public and private water companies for remediation costs with respect to water contaminated with PFOS and PFAS.

What are PFOS/PFAS?

PFAS/PFOS are durable long-lasting chemicals that take a very long time to break down in the environment. The two most common types of PFAS are perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) Companies have relied on these human-made chemicals since the 1950s to coat products resistant to heat, oil, stains, and grease. Certain types of clothing, furniture, cookware, cosmetics, fabrics, carpets, and food packaging contain PFAS/PFOS. Also, numerous manufacturers use these chemicals in firefighting foam because their heat resistance makes them very effective in controlling fires.

PFAS/PFOS slowly degrade in the environment which gives them plenty of time to bioaccumulate (build up) in soil, animals, and water. When humans consume fish and wildlife or drink water contaminated with forever chemicals, the toxins can amass in their bodies too. Since 1999, the CDC has tested human blood serum for PFAS to estimate the level of exposure of the human race. The agency identified four types of PFAS in nearly all of the blood serum of those tested which means widespread exposure in the U.S. population.

PFAS in Water Sources

Agencies have detected PFAS in public and private water sources across the country. PFAS contaminate drinking water when the water source is in close proximity to facilities that manufacture goods with the chemicals. Also, the chemicals can seep into water sources near sites where workers use PFAS products and where they are spilled or disposed of. Since PFAS do not naturally break down, they can enter other sources including soil and air, and remain active for prolonged periods of time. Runoff can carry PFAS from application and manufacturing grounds into ponds, lakes, and reservoirs.

The Environmental Working Group created a comprehensive map that detailed which U.S. communities suffered from PFAS water contamination. According to the map, as of June 2022, 2,858 locations in 50 states and two territories have PFAS contamination. In light of the growing issue of PFAS in our society, many have criticized the EPA’s slow reaction to regulating these chemicals. In 2021, the agency announced that it will limit PFAS in drinking water and set a national drinking water standard for the chemicals. However, this will not occur until 2023.

PFOS/PFAS Water Contamination Injuries

Exposure to PFOS and PFAS through drinking water and environmental contact may cause several adverse health consequences. Furthermore, multiple agencies and scientific studies have designated PFAS as possible human carcinogens. Prolonged exposure to PFAS-contaminated drinking water can result in:

  • Developmental delays
  • Testicular cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Leukemia
  • Bladder cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Tissue damage

What Do We Know about PFOS/PFAS Water Contamination Lawsuits?

Public and private water companies have sought compensation to recover the costs of cleanup and sanitization of the affected water sources. The prevalence of PFAS pollution has resulted in the introduction of legislation to regulate PFAS at the federal level.

Several recent PFOS/PFAS water utility lawsuits have claimed significant remediation costs in light of the extensive scope of the impact of the contamination.

  • The first lawsuit was brought by Minnesota against 3M for negligently dumping PFAS into drinking water sources. The lawsuit settled for $850 million, which the state used to remediate its water supply.
  • In February 2021, the Pennsylvania-American Water Co. (PAWC) sued PFAS manufacturers for knowingly or negligently polluting the water in Pennsylvania. PAWC, which operates 67 public water systems, is seeking hundreds of millions in damages.
  • In 2020, eleven water districts in Orange County, California brought lawsuits for remediation costs estimated to be over $1 billion.
  • Wolverine Worldwide and 3M agreed to a $54 million settlement for PFAS water contamination in Michigan. The settlement will be split among 1,700 residents of Kent County where Wolverine dumped PFAS-contaminated sludge.

Liability Law and PFOS/PFAS Water Contamination Lawsuits

To file a claim against a company for PFOS/PFAS water contamination, a plaintiff should show that:

  • The manufacturer’s activity contaminated the water source
  • The company knowingly and negligently polluted the water source with PFOS/PFAS; and
  • The negligent actions resulted in personal/economic injury

Can I Recover Compensation in a PFOS/PFAS Water Contamination Lawsuit?

In PFOS/PFAS water contamination lawsuits, a plaintiff may be entitled to:

  • Cleanup and remediation costs;
  • Expenses related to a new water source;
  • Water sustainability projects; and
  • Other losses related to the pollution

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