An Exciting Announcement for NFL Fans

An Exciting Announcement for NFL Fans

The Lake Law Firm is thrilled to announce our partnership with the esteemed New York Jets! That’s right! Our firm will soar to new heights alongside the unstoppable NFL team. We are excited to bring you news of this exhilarating union of two New York establishments. That said, the New York Jets are just as much a team for New York as for football fans nationwide. Similarly, The Lake Law Firm prides itself on representing people in our beloved state and beyond. Through this partnership, our brands hope to demonstrate what is possible through perseverance in the face of hardship.

J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!

With football season upon us, we want to take a moment to recognize the tremendous achievements and history of the New York Jets.

Initially named the Titans of New York, Harry Wismer founded the team in 1959. The football team boasts a rich history as an original member of the iconic American Football League. A few years later, with the rise of the commercial airline industry and the site of Shea Stadium between two major airports, the new head coach and manager, Wilbur “Weeb” Ewbank, renamed the team to the name we all know today, the Jets. A title chosen to symbolize the burgeoning modern age.

In 1968, the New York Jets secured a triumphant victory in Super Bowl III against the Baltimore Colts. The New York Jets established themselves as a formidable force as they managed to beat the odds against the favored Colts. Many attribute this monumental win to solidifying the AFL and the NFL merger. Since then, the New York Jets have appeared in the playoffs an impressive thirteen times and continue to inspire on and off the field.

Our Commitment to Community

The core beliefs and initiatives of The Lake Law Firm and the New York Jets harmoniously align.

The Lake Law Firm consists of a dedicated team of attorneys and staff who strive to deliver justice to the masses. We tirelessly fight for people who have suffered due to the negligence of others. Our firm handles claims of defective products, dangerous drugs, and other personal injury matters because we wholeheartedly believe that victims deserve legal representatives who truly care about them.

Just as we are committed to serving the public, the New York Jets devote much of their resources to giving back to the community. Over the years, the New York Jets have proven their unwavering dedication to justice. In 2020, the team announced that they donated $1 million to four social justice organizations, All Stars Project, Innocence Project, New York Urban League, and Year Up. These groups center their efforts on helping individuals in need of assistance. Additionally, the Jets have outlined several areas to direct their focus and positively influence. The sectors identified by the Jets’ Social Justice, Diversity and Inclusion Team include poverty, criminal justice reform, access to education and healthcare, and race equality.

Furthermore, the Jets Foundation has carried out countless notable efforts to support youth and charitable organizations. The foundation fosters football programs for young men and women and funds anti-bullying campaigns to uplift the next generation. Along with creating nurturing environments for our youth, the Jets have partnered with organizations to finance lupus research, fight pediatric cancer, volunteer at charitable events, and sponsor community service projects.

We are honored to ally with The New York Jets so that we can collaborate and aid one another in such worthwhile endeavors in the future. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to take flight with the New York Jets and The Lake Law Firm!