Avon to Pay $50 Million in Talc Lawsuit

Avon to Pay $50 Million in Talc Lawsuit

A jury has ordered Avon to pay $50 million to a woman who alleged that the company’s cosmetics gave her cancer. Rita Chapman accused Avon of concealing cancer risks associated with talcum powder in its products. Chapman claims she developed mesothelioma from the company’s asbestos-contaminated talc-based cosmetic powders. This case is the first talcum powder lawsuit the cosmetics giant has lost in United States litigation. Given the ongoing controversy surrounding Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder lawsuits, this verdict is welcomed news for talc victims. 

About Avon 

Avon is one of the oldest direct-selling establishments in the world. Well known for its door-to-door sales representatives, referred to as “Avon Ladies,” the company has sold personal care products for over a century. Initially selling only perfume, Avon branched off into cosmetics, skincare, and jewelry over time. However, beneath the makeup lurks a sinister contaminant. 

Avon’s History with Talcum Powder

Like many cosmetic and personal care companies, Avon incorporated talcum powder into its manufactured goods. Talc is a naturally occurring mineral with several characteristics that make it a prized ingredient in cosmetics. In body powders and makeup, talc can absorb moisture, reduce odor, prevent caking, and so on. The problem is not the talc necessarily, but the contamination of talc by asbestos. Asbestos forms naturally in the earth, typically near talc deposits. When companies mine for talc, it can become tainted with asbestos, a known human carcinogen. Carcinogens are substances capable of causing cancer. 

Therefore, many products that contain talc also have asbestos. Lawsuits cite mesothelioma and ovarian cancer as injuries resulting from prolonged exposure to asbestos through talc-based products. By 2020, Avon reportedly faced over 100 talc lawsuits. That same year, the company revealed that it intended to remove talc from its products. 

Massive $40 Million Talc Verdict Awarded to Plaintiff

In her lawsuit against Avon, 76-year-old Rita Chapman reportedly used Avon’s talc products for most of her life. Doctors diagnosed the Arizona resident with mesothelioma in 2021. Chapman blamed asbestos in Avon powders for the rare and aggressive form of cancer. The Los Angeles Superior Court jury sided with Chapman and ruled Avon neglected to warn consumers about asbestos in its products. 

Chapman received $40 in damages to account for medical costs for her mesothelioma. Also, the jury found that Avon acted with malice for deliberately hiding the risks of asbestos in its products. Therefore, the jury punished the company with an additional $10 million in punitive damages

Avon expressed disappointment over the jury’s decision and is planning to appeal the verdict. 

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