Ohio AG Sues Norfolk Southern Over Train Derailment

Ohio AG Sues Norfolk Southern Over Train Derailment

The train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, has led to a public health and environmental emergency. While residents are filing Ohio train derailment lawsuits, this catastrophe has prompted the Ohio Attorney General to file a lawsuit against Norfolk Southern as well. The Ohio train derailment lawsuit filed by the AG seeks to hold the rail company financially responsible for the damages and economic losses Ohio has suffered due to the accident.

Ohio’s Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Norfolk Southern

Ohio Attorney General David Yost aims to hold Norfolk Southern accountable for its role in the train derailment on February 3, 2023. The AG filed the lawsuit against the company in March in federal court, hoping to cover costs related to the derailment. Ohio is seeking a minimum of $75,000 in federal damages. However, the total will likely exceed that amount as the situation in East Palestine unfolds. Ohio demands repayment for the state’s emergency response, natural resource and property damages, and civil penalties.

The long-term effects on the air quality, water, soil, and health of residents are still unknown. Yost argues the state may have to struggle with the aftermath for years to come. The complaint alleges that Norfolk Southern’s negligent actions caused chemical releases from at least 39 cars.  

These hazardous chemicals, including vinyl chloride and benzene, entered at least six riverways in Ohio. The extensive contamination has led the AG to ask the company to conduct further testing of soil and groundwater. 

Norfolk Southern’s Response to Ohio Train Derailment Lawsuit

Norfolk Southern has come under fire for its negligent actions preceding the derailment and poor response following the accident. 

Many accuse the company of neglecting to properly inspect the train since a failure of the rail car’s wheel bearing was the cause of the incident. Also, Norfolk Southern did not alert Ohio officials that it would be transporting several cars worth of dangerous chemicals throughout the state. 

Once the train derailed, the company decided to do a controlled burn to contain the chemicals. Ohio train derailment lawsuits argue this only worsened the situation by releasing more chemicals and toxic fumes. 

Norfolk Southern promised that its focus since the derailment has been to clean up the area and protect residents and local businesses. Yet, residents of East Palestine and other surrounding communities remain unimpressed and angry over the company’s handling of the situation. In the aftermath, people feared returning to their homes as dead animals lined the streets and waterways. Norfolk Southern claims East Palestine is safe for families, and all air and water quality tests have come back clean. But people have complained of unexplained symptoms, such as headaches, sore throats, nasal congestion, bloody noses, skin rashes, coughs, and eye irritation. 

These could be symptoms of chemical exposure, but the long-term health consequences are uncertain. With no definitive answers, several lifelong residents are fleeing the town out of concern for their health and wellness. 

In response to Attorney General Yost’s Ohio train derailment lawsuit, the company claims that it looks forward to working toward a final resolution with him.  

We Can Help You File an Ohio Train Derailment Claim

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