One Death and Two Injuries Tied to Recalled Philips Trilogy Ventilators

One Death and Two Injuries Tied to Recalled Philips Trilogy Ventilators

In a concerning continuation of problems with Philips medical devices, the FDA has confirmed one death and two injuries tied to recalled Philips Trilogy Evo ventilators. These problems come at a time when Philips grapples with the fallout from previous recalls involving CPAP, BiPAP machines, and ventilators. The company is struggling to deliver repairs and replacements for sleep apnea devices while battling an increasing number of CPAP lawsuits 

About the Philips Trilogy Evo Ventilators Recall  

The recalled Philips Trilogy Evo ventilators fail to deliver the right amount of oxygen to patients who rely on these machines to help them breathe. Philips recalled the devices after discovering that a buildup of dust could block the ventilators’ air vents. This flaw can disrupt the normal airflow within the machine, resulting in a deadly buildup of carbon dioxide in patients’ bodies.   

Philips started the recall on March 29, 2023, pulling over 73,000 units. These defective Philips Trilogy ventilators present a significant risk of injury or death to patients. As a result, the FDA classified it as a Class I recall. Moreover, these ventilators play a vital role in several settings. They are essential in hospitals, during patient transport, and in the homes of patients with respiratory complications.   

The FDA has identified one death and two injuries tied to recalled Philips Trilogy ventilators.

One Death and Two Injuries Linked to Recalled Philips Trilogy Ventilators 

Philips spokesperson Steve Klink revealed the company has received three adverse health reports from patients, including one death. The ventilator in question was returned to Philips for investigation, revealing its operation without filters and significant contamination. 

In an attempt to enhance safety, Philips is requiring the ventilators to have a particulate filter, which was previously optional. Philips recommends users replace the filter to prevent the ventilator from malfunctioning.   

This is the latest in a string of problems for Philips Trilogy ventilators. The company recalled the ventilators late last year due to the replacement foam coming apart and blocking the airway. Also, in April 2023, Philips recalled the ventilators because of a defect in the internal sensor. This flaw caused the under-delivery of oxygen to patients.  

Philips CPAP Lawsuit Update: September 2023  

The deaths and injuries connected to the recalled Philips Trilogy ventilators, along with Philips’ previous recalls, reveal that the company has faced challenges in ensuring its products are safe. 

In June 2021, Philips launched a massive recall of its CPAP, BiPAP, and ventilator machines. The recall affected a whopping 5.5 million devices alleged to have toxic particles. Since then, individuals have filed 698 CPAP lawsuits against Philips in federal court. These lawsuits claim that the sleep apnea machines and respirators caused users to develop cancer, organ damage, and other injuries. Although two years have passed since the recall, Philips is still scrambling to repair or provide replacement devices to patients.  

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