Talc Cancer Lawsuit Filed by 24-Year-Old to Proceed Against J&J

Talc Cancer Lawsuit Filed by 24-Year-Old to Proceed Against J&J

Johnson & Johnson must face a talcum powder cancer lawsuit filed by a 24-year-old California man. The company was previously using its bankruptcy plan to block trials and claims that its talc-based products cause cancer. Since last month’s dismissal of J&J’s bankruptcy case, the company can no longer protect itself from the thousands of talcum powder claims filed in state and federal courts. 

J&J Bankruptcy Stalled Talcum Powder Lawsuits

Thousands of individuals have filed talcum powder claims against the personal care and pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson. Lawsuits accuse J&J of selling talc-based products contaminated with asbestos, a known carcinogen. Talcum powder attorneys are assisting those diagnosed with ovarian cancer and mesothelioma after regularly using these allegedly contaminated products. 

By October 2021, talcum powder claims against J&J had ballooned to over 38,000 cases in federal court. The company also lost billions in talcum powder verdicts, with more trials and lawsuits on the way. To stop growing litigation, J&J used a controversial bankruptcy plan called the “Texas Two-Step.”  J&J created a new subsidiary, to which it then transferred all talcum powder liabilities. The new subsidiary quickly filed for bankruptcy, halting all talcum powder claims. 

Talcum Powder Claim Filed by 24-Year-Old Man Will Move to Trial

On January 30, 2023, an appeals court dismissed Johnson & Johnson’s bankruptcy case. The court ruled that neither J&J nor its subsidiary were in financial distress. Instead, the judges noted that these are multi-billion-dollar companies with the financial resources to address talcum powder claims. 

This appeals court decision has nearly revived talcum powder lawsuits. J&J and its subsidiary are trying to appeal the bankruptcy dismissal. If this fails, J&J’s last resort is the Supreme Court, which may refuse to hear the case. Once the bankruptcy court officially throws out J&J’s bankruptcy case, all talcum powder claims will return to court. Until then, most cases are on pause while J&J appeals. 

In the meantime, a bankruptcy judge agreed to let one case proceed to trial. 24-year-old Anthony Hernandez Valadez sued J&J last year after being diagnosed with a malignant tumor. His lawyers described his illness as terminal. Hernandez Valadez will take his case to court in California after receiving special permission from the bankruptcy judge. 

The Lake Law Firm Can Help You 

Contact The Lake Law Firm today if you used Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder products and later developed cancer. A talcum powder attorney may be able to help you recover compensation for your injuries. While we understand that no amount of money can make amends, the compensation recovered can go toward medical bills and other costs related to your injury. 

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