Mass Tort Case Acquisition and Co-Counseling

Want Mass Tort Cases Now?

The Lake Law Firm helps other law firms grow their revenue through our mass tort case acquisition and co-counseling services. We can help you EARN 60% or more of the net legal fee by co-counseling with us.

  • Join The Lake Law Firm and let us help you bring justice to the masses.
  • Speak with THE mass tort and co-counseling experts.
  • We are NOT a marketing company, we are a law firm that has decades of experience in mass torts and want to help your law firm achieve greater heights with our highly trained marketing, call center, and document retrieval services.
  • Whether you’re just now thinking about a mass tort practice, or you’re a seasoned mass tort lawyer, co-counseling could enable your firm to experience growth in new ways.

Why Co-Counseling?

  • Increase your caseload and diversify into different mass torts.
  • Expand your practice without having to be an expert in mass torts.
  • You receive up to 60% of the net legal fee.
  • We do all the heavy lifting including handling all marketing, advertising, intake, signup, case workup including medical record retrieval and review to confirm proof of use/exposure/implant/injury, plaintiff fact sheets, and client communication.
  • You can also get guaranteed cases, which means that if the case does not meet criteria after medical record review, we replace it with another case free of charge. There is no drop off or fall out of cases. You will have a guaranteed number of viable cases- something that sets our firm apart (in addition to 60% of the net legal fee going to your firm).
  • We co-counsel with firms in leadership for filing, settlement, and trial.

Our process:

  • Choose tort type
  • Specific quantity to order
  • Receive cases

Mass tort cases include:

  • Paraquat
  • Baby formula (Similac/Enfamil) + NEC
  • Baby food + heavy metals
  • Philips CPAP
  • 3M military earplugs
  • Hernia mesh
  • Fire foam (AFFF)
  • Roundup
  • Talc
  • Zantac
  • Sex abuse
  • Others- just ask!

The Lake Law Firm is here to answer any of your questions to help your firm increase revenue through starting or growing a mass tort practice and to help your firm grow to seven or eight figures.

Contact us today! Schedule a strategy session on how you can get involved.