Personal Injury Lawyer

When you suffer injuries in an accident because of another person’s carelessness or misconduct, the law holds that party responsible for your losses. Depending on the circumstances, recoverable damages in a successful lawsuit could include all your out-of-pocket costs, future expenses, and even your diminished quality of life. Consult a seasoned personal injury lawyer at our firm to discuss what legal options might be available in your specific case.

Establishing a Claim for Damages

A successful claim for compensation requires the injured person (plaintiff) to prove that another party (defendant) negligently caused or contributed to an otherwise avoidable accident that led to harm. In most cases, a capable injury lawyer will present evidence showing that the defendant did not exercise the level of caution that a reasonable person would have in similar circumstances. However, in certain cases, the standard for claiming damages is slightly different.

It is necessary for the plaintiff to establish that the defendant directly caused their injury or contributed to the circumstance that led to it. The plaintiff must also prove the extent of their losses to obtain comprehensive compensation in a claim, whether through receipts for medical care, tax returns showing lost income, or testimony about their diminished quality of life.

Common Personal Injury Cases

Motor vehicle accidents, falls in public places, and healthcare provider negligence are just a few examples of common personal injury claims. However, almost any type of accident or injury resulting from negligence could form the basis of a successful suit for damages. A personal injury action may also be possible when:

  • Machinery or equipment fails and causes an injury
  • An animal attacks
  • Contaminated equipment spreads a contagious disease
  • Injuries occur at recreational facilities, even if the participant has signed a release of liability waiver
  • Property owners fail to take effective measures against criminal activity on their premises and someone suffers harm as a result

Regardless of the exact circumstances, it is advisable to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible after discovering you are hurt. Even if success seems unlikely, the legal professionals on our team are well-equipped to find evidence of a defendant’s liability and secure compensation for your losses.

File a Lawsuit as Soon as Possible

The state’s statute of limitations sets a three-year filing deadline for personal injury claims in New York. In New York, failing to file an action within three years of the date of injury or date of discovery will prevent a person from recovering any damages whatsoever. Other states have different statutes of limitations.

For example, if the State of New York is a defendant, an injured person must submit a notice of claim within 90 days. The state government could be a defendant in a claim if it involved:

  • A public employee who was working at the time
  • A fall on public property
  • Poorly maintained public roadways

Our team of dedicated personal injury attorneys could investigate the circumstances of a case to determine whether a specific accident implicates a state or local government entity.

Reach Out to a Skilled Personal Injury Attorney Today

Having knowledgeable and committed legal representation by your side could be key to holding the parties responsible for your injuries accountable in civil court. Our personal injury lawyers have the skills, experience, and tenacity to pursue the compensation you are entitled to.

Initiating the civil claims process sooner rather later strengthens a case, so schedule your consultation today.