Southern Baptist Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Our law firm is currently handling lawsuits on behalf of individuals who have suffered physical, psychological, and emotional injuries as a result of sexual abuse by the Southern Baptist Church. The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is accused of ignoring complaints of sexual abuse and refusing to report credible allegations of abuse by its leadership.

What Do We Know About Southern Baptist Sexual Abuse Lawsuits?

An investigative report conducted by Guidepost Solutions, an independent firm hired by the Executive Committee of SBC, found that reports of sexual abuse by clergy were repeatedly dismissed over a period of more than two decades. Survivors of sexual abuse reported these incidents to SBC’s Executive Committee and were stonewalled by senior leaders and outside counsel. SBC took the position that church was an autonomous body and no further action could be taken against the perpetrators. In addition, the accused clergy and volunteers were permitted to continue interacting with church members. According to the report, the Executive Committee kept a list of Baptist ministers who were accused of sexual abuse but never took action to address or prevent the abuse.

Southern Baptist Sexual Abuse Injuries

Children and adults who have been sexually abused by Southern Baptist leaders have suffered a variety of psychological, physical, and emotional injuries. Victims of sexual abuse may experience depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Adults who were sexual abused as minors may suffer continued trauma as adults and experience addiction, psychological disorders, and suicidal thoughts.

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SBC Independent Report Findings

The SBC report is the first investigation of sexual abuse in a Protestant denomination. The report, which focuses on actions by the SBC’s Executive Committee, claims that survivors experienced trauma both during and after the sexual abuse because the church failed to respond to reports by victims. According to the report, high-ranking SBC leaders, including past presidents of the convention, regularly supported abusers in the church. Church members were also told that a database of sexual offenders could not be compiled because it did not comply with the denomination’s policy. Leaders nevertheless assembled a list of known offenders and kept the information confidential to avoid liability.