Metal on Metal Hip Replacement Lawsuit Lawyer

Our law firm is currently handling lawsuits on behalf of patients who have undergone metal-on-metal hip replacement surgeries. Lawsuits allege that metal-on-metal implants may cause a complication known as metallosis, which is a form of metal poisoning that occurs when metal components emit microscopic particles throughout the body.

What Do We Know About Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement Lawsuits?

Hip replacement is a popular surgery for people who have experienced joint damage or fractures. However, complications resulting from defective hip implants are not uncommon. In particular, metal-on-metal implants, which consist of a metal ball mounted on the thighbone that turns within a metal socket, have led to thousands of lawsuits against several hip replacement manufacturers.

Some hip implant manufacturers have already settled thousands of lawsuits related to injuries from metal-on-metal hip replacements. Most of these lawsuits have been consolidated in a Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) in several districts. These manufacturers include DePuy (a division of Johnson & Johnson), Smith & Nephew, Stryker, and Zimmer Biomet. In 2018, Johnson & Johnson agreed to settle thousands of claims for over $400 million to compensate victims for defective artificial hips.

 Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement Injuries

Metal-on-metal hip replacement devices can loosen and cause metallosis, pseudotumor, destruction of the bone, tissue, and muscle, pain, swelling, and dislocation. These conditions may require the patient to undergo revision surgery. Metallosis occurs when metal components rub against each other when the patient moves his leg. The movement produces friction that causes small particles of cobalt and chromium to enter into the bloodstream. This may lead to metal poisoning, which can damage nerves, bones, and muscles in the hip area. The metals emitted into the bloodstream may also damage other organs including the brain, heart, and kidneys.

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Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement Recalls

Several manufacturers have recalled metal-on-metal hip implants over the last decade. The first implant to be recalled was the DePuy ASR XL Acetabular System in 2010.  The FDA received hundreds of complaints since 2008 from patients who reported adverse symptoms within the first five years of receiving the ASR implant. Approximately 13% of patients with the ASR hip implant underwent revision surgery to remove the implant. Other recent major recalls include Smith & Nephew’s R3 Metal Liners of the R3 Acetabular System and Zimmer Durom’s Acetabular Component.