Delayed Kidney Diagnosis Lawyer

Early detection and timely treatment of certain medical conditions can significantly improve patient outcomes. Unfortunately, there are instances where health providers fail to identify and diagnose critical ailments promptly, leading to devastating consequences. Problems with the kidneys are one example that highlights the importance of a swift diagnosis. Kidney disease can rapidly worsen, leading to severe complications if a healthcare provider fails to diagnose or treat it in time. You may be eligible for compensation if you or a loved one experienced the debilitating effects of a late kidney diagnosis or treatment. Speak with a delayed kidney diagnosis lawyer at The Lake Law Firm today to learn how filing a claim can help you.  

The Lake Law Firm is currently fighting for individuals who suffered harm due to a delayed kidney diagnosis or treatment. These lawsuits allege that delayed diagnosis or treatment can be a form of medical malpractice. Call (888) 525-3529 or fill out the free case evaluation form on this page to speak with a delayed kidney diagnosis lawyer at our firm today.  

Understanding the Severity of Kidney Disease 

The kidneys act as sophisticated filters, removing waste products, excess fluids, and toxins from the bloodstream. These organs also regulate electrolyte levels and produce important hormones.  

Proper kidney function is crucial for maintaining overall health and well-being. When the kidneys are compromised, their ability to filter waste and regulate essential substances is impaired. This can lead to the accumulation of harmful toxins in the body, imbalances in electrolytes, and fluid retention. 

Kidney disease encompasses a range of conditions that affect the structure and function of the kidneys. Common types of kidney problems include chronic kidney disease (CKD), acute kidney injury (AKI), kidney cancer, and inherited conditions such as polycystic kidney disease (PKD). 

Timely intervention is crucial to prevent irreversible kidney damage. 

Injuries in Delayed Kidney Diagnosis Lawsuits 

Kidney diseases can have a significant and life-changing impact on overall health. They can lead to long-term complications such as:  

  • Cardiovascular disease  
  • Bone disease  
  • Kidney failure  
  • Weakened immune system  
  • Death 

Delayed kidney diagnosis lawyers are helping individuals file claims. These lawsuits allege the failure to identify and act on their kidney disease left them with persistent health issues. Kidney disease can progress to kidney failure, forcing patients to undergo dialysis or a kidney transplant.  

Dialysis and kidney transplants can impose an immense physical and emotional toll on patients. Enduring the demanding routine of dialysis treatments can lead to chronic fatigue, limited mobility, and decreased quality of life. Additionally, while kidney transplants offer a potential long-term solution, these procedures come with their own challenges. Major surgery, recovery time, finding an organ donor, potential organ rejection, and lifelong medications make organ transplants a risky and draining ordeal.  

Have you or a loved one sustained the following injuries because of a delayed diagnosis or treatment? Speak with one of our delayed kidney diagnosis lawyers today.  

Who May Be Held Liable in a Delayed Kidney Diagnosis Claim? 

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of kidney disease is crucial for early detection and intervention. Some kidney diseases may initially present with subtle or nonspecific symptoms. However, there are several indicators that doctors should monitor to identify potential kidney issues. 

These symptoms can include persistent fatigue, decreased urine output, swelling in the hands and feet (edema), changes in urine color or frequency, persistent itching, muscle cramps, and high blood pressure. Additionally, individuals with kidney disease may experience appetite loss, nausea, difficulty concentrating, and sleep disturbances.  

As part of routine medical care, healthcare providers should conduct regular urine and blood tests to assess kidney function, monitor levels of waste products in the blood, and check for abnormalities such as protein or blood in the urine. Identifying these symptoms and utilizing appropriate diagnostic tests allow healthcare professionals to identify kidney disease promptly, initiate appropriate treatment plans, and potentially prevent further deterioration of kidney function. You may be able to take legal action against your doctor if they failed to do so.   

What Do We Know About Delayed Kidney Diagnosis Lawsuits?  

People are partnering with delayed kidney diagnosis lawyers to file claims against doctors who diagnosed or administered treatment for kidney disease too late. These medical malpractice lawsuits allege that a healthcare provider’s negligence or failure to meet the accepted standard of care directly contributed to the delayed diagnosis and the resulting injuries.  

Negligence refers to the failure of healthcare professionals to exercise the level of skill, care, and diligence expected in their field. In delayed kidney diagnosis cases, negligence may involve the following: 

  • Overlooking or dismissing symptoms
  • Not ordering appropriate diagnostic tests
  • Misinterpreting test results
  • Failing to communicate and coordinate effectively with another healthcare provider

By breaching the standard of care, doctors deviate from the accepted norms and practices that competent professionals in their field would follow.  

Why Should I Hire a Delayed Kidney Diagnosis Lawyer? 

Proving negligence and breach of the standard of care in these cases is crucial. These points demonstrate that the delayed diagnosis was a direct result of the healthcare provider’s actions or omissions. Your case must show that the doctor’s decisions, or lack thereof, ultimately lead to harm, prolonged suffering, and preventable kidney complications.  

A delayed kidney diagnosis lawyer is essential in establishing negligence because of the complex nature of medical malpractice cases. These cases require a deep understanding of both the legal principles and the medical standards involved. Navigating a lawsuit alone can be overwhelming and challenging, but our attorneys handle everything. From evaluating your medical records to filing your claim, a lawyer can strategize the best course of action for your delayed kidney diagnosis claim.  

What Type of Compensation Could a Delayed Kidney Diagnosis Lawyer Help Me Recover?  

 If you or a loved one were harmed by a delayed kidney diagnosis or treatment, you may recover compensation for any or all of the following: 

  • Past and future medical expenses; 
  • Past and future pain and suffering; 
  • Loss of wages; and 
  • Other economic losses related to your injury. 

Delayed Kidney Diagnosis Settlements and Verdicts  

Individuals who have filed delayed kidney diagnosis lawsuits have secured substantial compensation amounts. A few examples of these verdicts include:   

  • A patient received $29 million after their healthcare providers failed to diagnose their extensive kidney damage and stage 4 chronic kidney disease, which ultimately required a kidney transplant. 
  • The family of a 63-year-old woman named Rita Epps sued after she died because of untreated acute kidney failure and resulting acidosis. The jury awarded the family $10 million 
  • A 42-year-old combat veteran received a $10.5 million settlement with the federal government in a lawsuit alleging the improper treatment of his kidney disease led him to suffer kidney failure.  

These are just some instances of money collected through delayed kidney diagnosis lawsuits. However, it is important to remember that outcomes vary from case to case. The situation leading to your injury, the extent of your injury, the sum of your medical expenses, and more can influence how much you may be able to recover in a claim.  

How The Lake Law Firm Can Fight for You  

The Lake Law Firm was founded by Edward J. Lake, Esq., a personal injury lawyer for over 25 years. Our dedicated team of attorneys is committed to seeking justice on behalf of those who have suffered injury or death due to the negligence of others. Our experienced attorneys handle many different types of pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, and other defective products. The lawyers in our firm have helped collect millions of dollars for their clients. A delayed kidney diagnosis lawyer will advocate for you and your rights. Please contact us for a free confidential case evaluation at (888) 525-3529 or submit an inquiry on this page.