Pressure Cooker Injury Lawyer

Pressure cookers have recently found their way into more people’s kitchens than ever before. As these cooking devices have become more popular, frequent injuries have been reported after their use. Users commonly suffer injuries when steam does not completely vent from the appliance. This pent-up steam can cause an explosion of its contents when they open the lid.

Pressure cooker manufacturers have marketed their products as safe for home use. Yet, hundreds of users have sustained severe burns and other injuries using these appliances. If you were hurt by a faulty pressure cooker, an experienced attorney could help you hold the manufacturer accountable. Speak with a pressure cooker injury lawyer about how you could file a legal action and receive financial compensation for your injuries.

Pressure Cooker Dangers

Pressure cookers will cook food quickly and efficiently. The manufacturers of pressure cookers for home use market them as time-saving appliances that produce healthy meals. A pressure cooker works by locking in the contents of the pot, so steam produces as it heats the food. When cooking is complete, the steam should vent from the machine to relieve the internal pressure before the user opens the lid.

However, if the vent malfunctions or if the appliance does not lock because of a defective seal, gasket, or lid, the contents could explode. Food and hot liquid could be expelled from the appliance for a considerable distance, causing those nearby to suffer from severe burns. In some cases, the machine itself could explode, launching metal pieces into the air, which could cause users to suffer from cuts and other wounds.

A seasoned local attorney could evaluate the circumstances of a pressure cooker injury and ensure it is documented properly.

How to Prove That a Defective Product Led to an Injury

When a product malfunctions and causes an injury, a person seeking damages must prove that the manufacturer was negligent or that the product was defective. In cases of pressure cooker injuries, a claimant could allege a design defect caused the product to explode. Additionally, an injured person could assert that the product’s warnings and instructions were inadequate.

When a product proves to be unsafe, a manufacturer might voluntarily recall it to reduce their liability to other users. For example, the Sunbeam Corporation recalled its Crock-Pot 6-Quart Express Pot Multi-Cooker in late 2020 after several users reported that the lid malfunctioned and caused burn injuries.

If a manufacturer recalled a product, it could serve as significant evidence of a design defect. However, an experienced lawyer could prove a pressure cooker was unreasonably dangerous even if the manufacturer failed to recall the product.

How to Seek Compensation from Pressure Cooker Manufacturers

An individual could file a lawsuit against a pressure cooker manufacturer for many reasons. Victims of pressure cookers can seek damages for their medical costs, lost income, pain, suffering, disfigurement, and other losses. However, securing the evidence that a product’s design was faulty or that a manufacturer was negligent is time-consuming and costly. But, a legal representative might suggest an alternative to filing an individual lawsuit in a specific case.

For example, when the same product similarly injures many individuals, they may be eligible to file a class-action lawsuit. A plaintiff in a class-action claim represents injured victims. If a plaintiff proves their case or settles before trial, the other plaintiffs will receive an equal portion of the proceeds.

In some cases, courts will consolidate many cases making similar allegations against the same manufacturer in mass tort cases. When a court consolidates cases from different locations, it is called multi-district litigation. Like a class-action lawsuit, only one plaintiff must prove that a manufacturer was negligent. If they do so, all the other plaintiffs only have to prove their individual damages.

A hardworking attorney could determine if a class-action lawsuit will produce the maximum amount of compensation for a claimant injured by a pressure-cooking device.

Trust Your Pressure Cooker Injury Claim to a Capable Attorney

People have suffered severe burns and other injuries from defective pressure cookers for years, yet manufacturers still profit from them. Filing a lawsuit could allow you to hold those companies accountable for the injuries they caused you.

A knowledgeable pressure cooker injury lawyer is familiar with class action and mass tort lawsuits. This experience can help them advise you on the best strategy in your case. Call today to schedule a consultation.