Kratom Injury Lawyer

Kratom is a natural herbal supplement taken to help with opioid withdrawal, pain, and anxiety. Although kratom is readily available in gas stations or smoke shops, it has been linked to overdoses, health complications, and deaths. If this plant-based substance has injured you or a family member, a kratom injury lawyer can help you seek justice against manufacturers and distributors.

The Lake Law Firm is accepting kratom lawsuits. Companies claim that kratom is a safe substance that promotes health and wellness in users. However, kratom lawyers argue that the concentrated forms sold in the U.S. are highly addictive and dangerous. U.S. health officials and agencies have warned against using kratom, but companies continue to market it as beneficial. Contact us today at (888) 525-3529 or fill out the free case evaluation on this page to see if you qualify for a kratom injury lawsuit.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom, scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, is a tree native to Southeast Asia. Its leaves have been used medically and recreationally in several Southeast Asian countries to boost energy and alertness. Kratom leaves contain active compounds called bioactive alkaloids, including mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

People take kratom in different forms, including dried leaves, powdered leaves, capsules, extracts, and tinctures. The method of consumption and the concentration influence kratom’s effects on the mind and body. Smaller doses of kratom may induce stimulant-like effects such as increased energy, alertness, and rapid heart rate. In lower doses, users report opioid-like symptoms, including relaxation, euphoria, and pain relief.

Is Kratom Legal in the United States?

In recent years, kratom has gained popularity in the United States. In 2021, 1.7 million people aged 12 years or older reported using kratom in the past year. Yet, the FDA has not approved any formulation of kratom. The agency has outright advised the public against using products with kratom due to the risk of addiction, abuse, and dependence.

Kratom is considered a dietary supplement in the United States, which means it is not subjected to the same rigorous testing and quality control standards as prescription medications. While kratom is legal in the U.S. at the federal level, many states have banned it. Kratom is illegal in:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

Furthermore, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration placed kratom on its list of drugs of concern.

FDA Warns Companies Selling Kratom Products

Kratom injury lawyers are assisting individuals injured by the herbal supplement in filing claims against companies that have deceptively marketed kratom to the public. The FDA issued warning letters to two marketers and distributors of kratom products in June 2019. The agency sent letters after learning the companies were illegally marketing kratom-containing drugs by making unproven claims about the drug’s ability to cure, treat, or prevent diseases. The two companies accused of violating the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and engaging in health fraud scams were:

  • Cali Botanicals of Folsom, California
  • Kratom NC of Wilmington, North Carolina

Furthermore, in June 2022, the FDA sent more warning letters to four other kratom companies. The agency reprimanded the following companies for making problematic and unfounded claims about the health benefits of kratom:

  • Herbsens Botanicals
  • Klarity Kratom
  • Kratom Exchange
  • Omni Consumer Products LLC d/b/a YoKratom

Side Effects and Injuries in Kratom Injury Lawsuits

Kratom has been advertised as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical medications and a substance to relieve opioid withdrawal. However, kratom may be just as addictive and harmful as opioids. In 2018, the FDA announced that “there is no reliable evidence to support the use of kratom as a treatment for opioid use disorder and significant safety issues exist.”

Instead, the FDA noted that kratom exhibits many of the same properties as opioids. Kratom shares structural similarities with opioids and acts on the brain’s opioid receptors, leading to cardiovascular and neurological effects.

Kratom injury lawsuits claim companies have pushed the drug as natural and healthy despite severe consequences, including:

  • Death
  • Overdose
  • Addiction
  • Liver failure
  • Seizure
  • Coma

A kratom injury lawyer at our firm is available to speak with you if you or someone you know has experienced the above injuries after using kratom.

Are Kratom Injury Lawyers Helping People File Claims?

By 2018, the FDA was aware of 44 deaths tied to kratom use. Following this announcement, the CDC analyzed over 27,000 accidental drug overdoses in 32 states in 2019. The CDC discovered that 152 people had kratom in their systems, with kratom being the cause of death in 91 cases.

Kratom injury lawyers are supporting individuals nationwide in wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits against manufacturers and distributors. The supposed “miracle” substance has reportedly caused the sudden deaths of several unsuspecting individuals.

While no scientific data suggests that kratom cures opioid addiction, pain, or depression/anxiety, companies continue to make false claims about the substance’s health benefits.

Can I File a Kratom Injury Lawsuit?

If kratom harmed you or a loved one, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit against the manufacturers and distributors responsible for your injuries. Requirements for filing a kratom lawsuit include:

  • You must have suffered an injury as a result of using kratom. This can include physical injuries, health complications, or the death of a loved one.
  • You or a loved one took a product containing kratom. Your claim must demonstrate kratom products directly caused your injuries or the death of a family member.

A kratom injury lawyer at our firm can evaluate the specific details of your situation to determine if you are eligible to file a lawsuit. Don’t hesitate to reach out to The Lake Law Firm today to find out if you qualify for a kratom wrongful death or personal injury claim.

Can a Kratom Injury Lawyer Help Me Recover Financial Compensation?

If you or a loved one has experienced health complications from using kratom, you may recover compensation for any or all of the following:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Past and future pain and suffering
  • Loss of wages
  • Other economic losses related to your injury

The amount you may be eligible for in a kratom injury lawsuit depends on multiple factors. These elements include the extent and severity of your injuries, the impact on your quality of life, and the financial losses you have incurred because of kratom.

How The Lake Law Firm Can Help You

The Lake Law Firm was founded by Edward J. Lake, Esq., a personal injury lawyer for over 25 years. Our dedicated team of attorneys is committed to seeking justice on behalf of those who have suffered injury or death due to the negligence of others. Our experienced attorneys handle many different types of pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, and other defective products. The lawyers in our firm have helped collect millions of dollars for their clients. A kratom injury lawyer will advocate for you and your rights. Please contact us for a free confidential case evaluation at (888) 525-3529 or by submitting an inquiry on this page.