SurgiMend Biologic Mesh Implant Lawsuit

Injuries associated with surgical mesh devices have become increasingly common. Although mesh implants are designed to help patients by supporting damaged tissue, these devices can cause further harm to individuals, like the SurgiMend Biologic mesh. This collagen-based mesh reportedly has high failure rates, resulting in dangerous and potentially life-threatening health complications. Therefore, those affected are taking legal action by filing SurgiMend Biologic mesh implant lawsuits.  

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What Is the SurgiMend Biologic Mesh Implant? 

SurgiMend is a type of implantation to reinforce weakened or damaged soft tissue. Doctors may use a Surgimend Biologic mesh to correct the following health problems:  

  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery 
  • Muscle flap reinforcement 
  • Hernia repair including abdominal, inguinal, femoral, diaphragmatic, scrotal, umbilical, and incisional hernias 

These mesh devices are made with bovine fibers because these fibers are more tear-resistant compared to other biological materials.  

What Is Wrong with the SurgiMend Biologic Mesh Implant? 

The manufacturers of SurgiMend biologic mesh implants claim the devices offer effective reinforcement over time with a very low recurrence rate. However, there have been dozens of reports of issues with the SurgiMend Biologic mesh implant that necessitated revision surgery.  

In May 2023, Integra LifeSciences recalled several SurgiMend Biologic mesh implants, including PriMatrix, SurgiMend, and Revize, distributed from March 1, 2018, to May 22, 2023. The company launched the recall after receiving 82 complaints stemming from high levels of endotoxins. Endotoxins are a type of bacterial toxin that cause severe immune responses, leading to infections. 

FDA Warning Letter to Manufacturers 

Following an inspection of the facility where SurgiMend products are manufactured, the FDA sent a warning letter to Integra LifeSciences. The agency concluded the devices were adulterated and violated good manufacturing practice requirements. The agency identified several violations, such as:  

  • Failure to control product that does not conform to specified requirements 
  • Failure to implement adequate corrective and preventive actions for quality issues 
  • Inadequate validation of test methods for bacterial endotoxin and bioburden testing 
  • Improper storage and handling of sterile devices, leading to potential mix-ups 

Injuries in SurgiMend Biologic Mesh Implant Lawsuits 

Patients with SurgiMend Biologic mesh implants have experienced:  

  • Fever 
  • Inflammation 
  • Sepsis 
  • Septic shock 
  • Pulmonary infection 
  • Meningitis 
  • Revision surgery 
  • Death 

Individuals who have endured the above-referenced health problems due to their SurgiMend device are filing SurgiMend Biologic mesh implant lawsuits. Additionally, those who have tragically lost loved ones because of SurgiMend complications have filed wrongful death lawsuits.  

Who Can I Sue in a SurgiMend Biologic Mesh Implant Lawsuit? 

Defendants in SurgiMend Biologic mesh implant lawsuits are the manufacturers, Integra LifeSciences and TEI Biosciences Inc. 

Integra LifeSciences, based in New Jersey, is a global medical device manufacturing company specializing in neurosurgery, reconstructive, and general surgery. Also, the company acquired TEI Biosciences Inc., which produces the Surgimend line of products, in 2015. 

How Much Can I Recover in a SurgiMend Biologic Mesh Lawsuit? 

Individuals who developed serious infections from their SurgiMend Biologic mesh may be able to recover any or all of the following:  

  • Past and future medical expenses; 
  • Past and future pain and suffering; 
  • Loss of wages; and 
  • Other economic losses related to your injury. 

However, the amount a person can receive in a SurgiMend Biologic mesh lawsuit varies from case to case. Your type of injuries, the extent of your injuries, the cost of your treatment, and more can influence how much you can receive.  

SurgiMend Biologic Mesh Wrongful Death Lawsuit 

Sadly, sepsis and other injuries associated with defective SurgiMend devices can result in death. If you have lost a loved one because of complications from a SurgiMend mesh, we are sorry for your loss. The Lake Law Firm can help you pursue a wrongful death lawsuit to hold manufacturers accountable.   

How The Lake Law Firm Can Help You 

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